In collaboration with the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes, The Line created the Cannes line. Together, they decided to represent the Cannes skyline from the Mediterranean Sea. It features the Bocca, the Suquet, the harbor, Cannes’ famous palace, the Carlton, and the brand-new Palm Beach on the Croisette tip.

The brand and its history

Since 2015, The Line has been lovingly crafting wall fixtures as poetic silhouettes. With a line cut in metal, The Line reveals city panoramas, legendary peaks or mythical pieces of music. Through pure, moving design, everyone is free to find a piece of their history, a memorable experience or a dream to fulfill.

Surprisingly, the story of The Line begins at a single point: the unique vantage point of a photo of Marseille taken from a sailboat rounding the Frioul islands in the early hours of the morning. As the sun rises, the backlit shot reveals a face of the city that is both raw and sublime. Better than framing it, Antoine Daniel, founder of The Line and a young cabinetmaker from the Cité Phocéenne, came up with the idea of reproducing the relief in laser-cut metal. A technique and a material that make it possible to precisely detail topography and monuments, giving both weight and finesse, like a form of nobility, to this unique materialization. The Line Marseille began its adventure in local concept stores.

The Cannes Line

Avec sa collection City, The Line invente une nouvelle façon de parler des villes. Si détails et rapports d’échelle sont toujours rigoureusement fidèles, c’est un nouveau regard que nous proposent ces silhouettes, un point de vue éditorial fait de choix, d’interprétations, d’accidents et d’heureux mouvements. L’équipe de The Line photographie l’horizon des villes à la recherche de points de vue aussi esthétiques qu’authentiques. À chacun, ensuite, d’y projeter ses propres aventures !

En collaboration avec le Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes, The Line a créé la ligne de Cannes. Ensemble, ils ont décidé de représenter la silhouette de Cannes depuis la mer Méditerranée. On y retrouve la Bocca, le Suquet, le port, le célèbre palace cannois, le Carlton, et le tout nouveau Palm Beach sur la pointe Croisette.

Social and environmental responsability

From steel production and nail manufacturing to laser cutting, painting and gold-plating, everything about The Line is made locally, and has been since day one. An obvious choice for this brand founded by a craftsman committed to “made in France”, for whom quality rhymes with durability and responsibility. The cardboard boxes in which The Line products are presented are also assembled and screen-printed by hand in France. The cardboard used is made from recycled materials. Dressed in a unique ink color, but without any glue or adhesive, it is then very easy to recycle.

Responsible production is also reflected in The Line’s choice of manufacturers and partners. These include an Etablissement et service d’aide par le travail (E.S.A.T.) run by the Fondation Léopold Bellan, a social integration enterprise (SISTRA) in Strasbourg whose mission is to get women back to work, and a cooperative factory (S.C.O.P.) in Châlons-en-Champagne, of which The Line was one of the first customers after it closed and was bought out by a group of laid-off employees.

This commitment is also reflected in the brand’s price positioning, making these high-quality design objects accessible to all.


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