Léro la mascotte de Cannes
Léro, the little blue dragon

On Sunday 30 October 2022, the people of Cannes were able to meet Léro, the little blue dragon who has been secretly watching over the city for ages.

On the occasion of the Nice-Cannes marathon, this Cannes legend revealed himself in broad daylight, determined to share the daily life of the inhabitants.

To meet him is to adopt him!

Léro la mascotte de Cannes
Léro takes a stroll in the Suquet

Léro, life in blue

Mischievous and prankster, free and sincere, but above all so endearing, Léro invites us to see life and the city in blue.

Through his presence on a daily basis and during emblematic events in Cannes, this mascot gives life to the ambitions, values and new identity of Cannes.

A legendary history, an amazing personality and a luminous blue, which represent creative energy, which invite to free talents, which open new horizons… while keeping a very strong link with the Mediterranean, so characteristic of the city.

Follow the mascot on Instagram : @lero.cannes

Léro the mascot of Cannes

“By assuming its heritage and traditions, Cannes is a city in constant evolution. It is quite natural that Léro makes the link between our past and our present. The little blue dragon that will embody our city as a mascot is part of our roots and heritage, through the myth of the dragon protector on the Lérins islands. This mascot is fully in line with our brand strategy: Cannes where talent is expressed. Through this character, which is intended to be “endearing” and “benevolent”, Léro is the symbol of Cannes’ history, welcome and openness to the world. He also embodies the creativity, talent and artistic expression that characterise Cannes. Agile and dynamic, Léro will be a worthy supporter of all the sporting events and major meetings that punctuate the local calendar. I welcome this new citizen of Cannes!”

David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes

The legend of Léro
Once upon a time, in the Middle Ages, there was a marvellous dragon, which terrorised the whole of Provence as much as it amazed it with its panache.

It was Saint-Honorat, then living on the island of Lérins, who, in a burst of bravery, finally brought it down.
But before disappearing into the waters of Cannes, the dragon struck the ground with its tail and the earth cracked, splitting the island in two. This is how the islands of Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat were born…

It is said that on certain days, when the sea is clear, you can still see the shadow of a legend swimming between Cannes and its islands…
With his benevolent eye, this mysterious citizen of Cannes has watched over Cannes and its inhabitants since the dawn of time. From legend to reality, there is only one leg…

Keep your eyes open, Léro will accompany you!

All about Léro on his page the Mascot of Cannes


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